What began as a response to a perceived lack of visibility and acknowledgement of Black History month in our respective graduate school programs at the University of Washington quickly shifted to channeling our collective energy into highlighting narratives of Black people doing incredible work across Cities and across disciplines.


Black Excellence: Planning, Public Service, Art and Advocacy is a platform that seeks to elevate the narratives of African, African-American, Afro-Latino and Caribbean  People.


It is impossible to talk about Cities, urban and rural spaces in the United States, and in the larger global context without acknowledging the vast contributions of Black People.


We recognize a complex journey of both tragedy and triumph that often requires dealing with historical trauma. With that, knowing that Black History extends beyond the month of February, did not begin with slavery or end after the Civil Rights Movement, today and every day we choose to celebrate Black Excellence, Black Creatives and Black Joy.


To the beautiful people of the African diaspora -- mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, sisters, and brothers, a special thank you to our Black teachers and our Black role-models with and without formal educations or elaborate titles, we celebrate YOU and want you to know that we love you beyond measure.


Visuals were curated and designed by Cedric Jones as a part of the visual concept "Strange Fruit: The Black Unicorn".

For more information visit www.thekenchronicles.com/visual-concepts