Instagram:  @darrinnorwood

Instagram: @darrinnorwood

Darrin Norwood, Artist


South Central Los Angeles/Watts. Currently in Oakland, CA


"As long as you find peace in what you're doing, you're successful." - Master P (Seat at the Table)

"I'm rich and I'm ghetto." - Cardi B.

"Self love is the best love." - Unknown


When you think of a thriving Black community and cities, what do you see?

I see self-love.


What do you want your legacy to be?

I want to be known as someone who lives and thinks outside the box. Someone who isn't afraid to exist in unfamiliar spaces. Someone who challenges the norm and notions of acceptability. Someone whose passions, hobbies, habits and successes are not limited by what is expected of me.

Black Men Ski. I don't personally ski, but the title of this song represents a mindset. No space, no career, no passion, no interest or whatever the goal may be, is off limits. Find a space who want to exist in or experience experience and enter it. Unapologetically.