Emma Cones, Activist/Educator (don't get it twisted)


Baldwin Hills, Los Angeles, CA

"It is our duty to fight, it is our duty to win, we must love and protect one another we have nothing to lose but our chains". -Assata Shakur


When you think of a thriving Black community and cities, what do you see?

When I think of a thriving black community I think of black people consciously helping each other succeed in anyway possible. Whether it is older black people creating educational programming, community centers, giving black youth opportunities that will advance their future success, or giving others shelter, food, genuine unconditional love and advice; all of these things are what make a thriving black community. It it important that black people stick together and focus on uplifting each other so we all could win.


What neighborhood, city or space affirms your Blackness?

The Baldwin Hills, Crenshaw area affirms my blackness. It is where I feel the most appreciated from people who are not my family.


Who do you think best embodies Black excellence?


My mom, she is a very wise strong lady who stands up against racist bullshit everyday just by getting up and going to work every morning.