Instagram:  @khalhey

Instagram: @khalhey

Khalilha Haynes, Urban Planner


Kingston, Jamaica / Portland, OR

"Whoever would not understand me would not understand any better the roaring of a tiger". -Aimé Césaire


When you think of a thriving Black community and cities, what do you see?

A lot of things, but to be succinct, I see no fear. No fear to be who you are. No fear that you won't be accepted or told "Black people don't do X or are not X". No fear to be multidimensional, to be experimental, to be someone different than you were yesterday or a year ago. No fear to take risks. No fear of being the loudest voice in the room. No fear of being deserving of all that you deserve. No fear of your Black body existing in space. No fear of your black skin in the nighttime. No fear of driving, or walking, or riding your bike home. No fear of being joyful. No fear of being hopeful.


What neighborhood, city or space affirms your Blackness?

Being in New York City, particularly being in New York City hanging with my Caribbean and African friends